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Creativity Takes Courage: Shop Update

When you take a "few" weeks off and it turns into a year.  Yea, that's me on a regular basis.

 However I have making gifts this year and I seem to have found a little spark.  I  really miss designing and creating signs and the like.  I got so overwhelmed when I decided to jump right into selling online that I got in too deep too quick. After a little time off and a lot of time planning I've decided to give it another go. So here is a little non-official sneak peek of what's to come in 2018!

Fays House will do a grand re-opening!  Details to come soon!

Christmas Countdown

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I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season.  We have been spending time with family and friends and can not say how lucky we are to be so blessed this season.  We love Christmas and honestly I love to give, so I created this super cute and easy advent calendar to count down to Christmas.

Free Halloween Printable

Hello loves! Can you believe Halloween is literally less than a week away?!?  I know right!  This whole month has been a stressful one, to say the least. We have had a major fridge crisis and I'm asking you, how can one little thing such as a fridge throw your life into such turmoil?  I'm telling you this no fridge thing is for the birds.  

Tips for your perfect Military Ball Gown

Plus, 10 totally affordable options that wont break the bank!

Hey, hey guys! So I've got a little something to confess.  I walked around the streets of Portland barefoot.  Yes, I said barefoot yo'  It's sketchy and highly unsanitary, honestly.  To be fair it was my one big night out. The military ball. We can all get in our feelings about the military ball.  Some love them, some hate them. However, most of us dread them because it's like finding a prom dress in your 30's.

Ah, the military ball, I was like Cinderella, but with vodka, and brand new high heels. Because let's face it,  I  had a damn dress dilemma, that in turn caused a freakin' shoe crisis. Which left me making questionable choices in the streets.  So in all actuality, I'm more like her evil step sisters with fat ass feet that just couldn't take, one, more, drunken step...

Farmhouse Office finds

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Hi guys! So all this office makeover stuff has got me on a mission to find the best possible amazon deals for your farmhouse office!  There is such a huge demand for the farm house look. It has gotten so big!  I think we all know who to thank for that! So many of my farmhouse looks are DIY versions, and I understand completely for those who need the ready made versions for them selves!

Ready to take a look at my 10 favorite Farmhouse office finds?

Giant Chalkboards & ikea Hemma hack

Hi guys! So I know you so many people have been peaking around my totally cute Farm House Desk and a few have been asking questions about my giant chalkboards!  Honestly, these things were a huge on a whim for me. Most things are to be honest, that's how I get the things done! 

Wanna see how I built these giant chalkboards?

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