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Good evening friends, if you follow me on Instagram then you know I've been working on the little boys room for what seems like forever! We decided he needed bunk beds because we don't have a designated "guest room."  So when company comes into town one of the big kids always seem to land on the couch. I've been meaning to change all that!  If you know me you know that I can't just throw up a set of bunk beds and call it a day.  Whats a girl to do you ask? Duh, I redo the entire room!
 It's funny because you know those little Facebook messages that pop up with "memories" yea, a year ago today I was redoing his room...  I have just a few issues. You know. It's how I roll.

If your searching for an inexpensive option that you don't have to feel bad about painting straight out of the box then this might work for you! I was super leery about purchasing this bed, in fact I sat there in the big blue and yellow store contemplating buying this bad boy for what seemed like forever.  In truth I had been scouring the thrift stores to find a decent bed to paint, with no luck I turned to IKEA. I think I payed right around 150 bucks for this thing.  The thrift store were selling ugly metal ones for almost that price so I decided to go for it.

It comes in a raw pine. Perfect for painting or staining.  I went with the grey stain, primarily because I did not want to paint this bad boy.  Staining is so much easier! There are bookoo boards to be painting in that box! Once I had all the pieces stained it was time to assemble that bad boy! It was quite simple to put together in fact I did most of it with just a pair of  helpful 7 year old hands!

In truth I like it, I think it can't be beat for the price. Easily customized and honest it seems quite sturdy!  The bedding I'm loving, and the pillows I did with a little DIY screen printing!  More on that later!

Happy Friday Friends!
Until next time,

IKEA Bunk Beds

I've finally decided on what my new year resolution shall be. I know, I'm a little late getting to the party but hey, that's how I roll. The thing is, I'm tired. Like all the time tired. Stressing on this and that. Deadlines and failed attempts to get one foot in front of the other. I'm an all or nothing kinda girl which in turns leaves half finished (maybe I should say half  started) projects laying about.  So I've decided I'm just going to do more of what makes me happy.  Sure making a little money makes me happy but if the trade off is everything falling apart around me then where's the fun in that?

My home makes me happy. My intentions when we bought this house was to share the adventure of decorating and painting and all the good stuff. I've been so consumed with everything else around me that I've got lost on what is truly important to me. I will continue to do local sales and slowly add work to my online shops. However I'm not going to let it consume me. For now I'm still kinda in hobby mode. In the near future I will have  partner (two is so much better than one) and then we'll start letting things fly!

She is pretty though isn't she?

Do more of what makes you happy!

Here we are folks, just another diy blogger or maybe struggling diyer is a bit more fitting (if we're being honest) about to go on some long rant. A rant about how I painted my kitchen cabinets and it was sooo super easy and you should totally do it too, like tomorrow.

However, I'm going to be real with you. It sucked. Plain and simple it sucked. I dreaded it for weeks... okay months. I put it off and put it off. Until one day I decided to take the plunge. I plunged so hard my arm almost fell off from sanding. Okay so not literally, but c'mon I think it was the single worst step in the whole process! That's the thing though it's a process.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Hello loves. Today I am coming at you with a huge problem this house faces everyday.  It's the wire shelves. As big as the closets are in every room they are a jumbled mess. These particular wire shelves are just that.  They don't have a nice bar for hanging, you can't slide your clothes from one side to another. They just suck!  This room is no exception! I am on a mission to rid (or upgrade) these wire shelves I find lurking in every closet!

See isn't this so much better?

However, today I'm going to show you how I tore down the wire shelf in our laundry room, and replaced it with two re-purposed cabinets.

Laundry room cabinets

So yesterday I shared a few snaps of what has been going on downstairs. I'll admit downstairs had been put on the back burner for a bit. Some paint and some decor is about as far as we have gotten down there.

Upstairs is a whole other story. I've been swinging hard trying to knock some things off my to do list. I can honestly say upstairs is coming together nicely. From the kids rooms to the laundry room I have made big strides up here.

I've got the big room set up as a family room/office/gym. It works. And the desk I built from a 5 dollar cabinet turned out to be a winner. I plan on posting all about that next week!

Fays house update part 2

Good morning beautiful people! I would love to come in with a super creative punch line explaining where I've been, but you know me. You know this is just part of me.  I have been going super crazy with this house. I feel like I never get a project done before I start another one. You know... I'm just gonna go do this, while this dries? Yea. All day every day! 

But seriously folks I decided it was time for a little update. I was starting to feel a little stressed out like everything was taking waaaay longer than in my little mind, it should. So I decided to take a look around to see the things I have actually completed. I decided to cut myself a break because I realized, I have accomplished quite a lot. Especially taking into account the 3 months were working on my own for the most part. 

So today I'm letting you in to see what I have been working on. A little sneak peak of the down stairs area of our house. With a little taste of what's to come in the coming weeks on the blog! I'm super excited! 

So first off the entire house has been painted. Except the trim... yea, one of those start another project before finishing another one. Eventually hopefully it will get done.  I did one day unexpectedly decide it was time to do the stair case. (not done either) Here is a little "progress" picture of that. The dog? Yea, she a work in progress as well.

Fays House Update

Hello, welcome back.

I know, I know.  I took a long break, even after I said I never would. Moving over 1700 miles in the smack middle of the holidays was STRESSful to say the very least.  We were homeless for just under a month and let me tell you it was challenging.  3 kids and a dog in a tiny little hotel room, not fun to say the least.  The dog freaked every time we left the room, resulting in a not so nice call from the hotel.  We had a rough time being cooped up, even had some people banging on the ceiling below us.  If there is one thing this family is not, it's quiet.  However after a long stretch of what felt like forever we were finally given the keys to our new home!!  Actually we were given a code to the lock box, which is a whole other story. We moved all of our stuff in just 15 days before Christmas.

Our new home

Good morning lovely people, today I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Okay so not totally a secret, but none the less a little fast fact about me. There is not a bed in this house that I haven't touched, painted built or recovered. Yes, that's a true story. Sure I'd love to be able to go out and but four different bedroom sets, beautiful finished bedroom sets. However, we move every 2.7 years and craps expensive. Have you ever had things moved over 1700 miles sometimes across the pacific ocean? Yea, thing get destroyed on a regular basis. I'd rather a $45 bed get destroyed. Than say a $1,000 set. You feel me?

So yes, this bed, solid wood bed I might add cost me a measly $45 bucks. Can you believe it? I was just browsing my local Habitat For Humanity ReStore and came across this bad boy. No sticker no price. I wasn't exactly looking for a bed but, mine was old and funky particle board. I told myself if it was less than $100 I would buy it. So imagine my surprise when the guys said $45. Sold! Yea, I actually said that in fact I may have screamed that. Almost like I was some crazy auctioneer.

So yea, I don't know about you but this ugly honey oak does nothing for me. Nothing I despise this color. I know the whole farmhouse country is hot, but this honey oak is not! Oh and the little fishesque design is pretty bad too. So I used some bead board (which I also snagged at the ReStore) and covered those little swimmers up! And, after sanding... hours and hours of sanding I was left with this little naked beauty.

Gorgeous right? Well this bad boy wanted nothing at all to do with regular stain. Nothing I tell you. What's a girl to do? I have mentioned a few times how much I use Poly Shades from Minwax. It really covers anything. So I went out again and picked up a big old can of Espresso colored Poly shade and went to town. I am so super excited how it all turned out.

The color turned out perfectly. It matched our existing dresser and night stand to a tee! I as pretty stoked to finally have a headboard AND foot board. It's like a real boy no no bed. It's most definitely a bed.

I've actually got another bed sitting in the garage waiting for me to do something pretty to, for the girl. Hopefully I get to it before we actually move!
Until then,


The Thrifted Bed