Giant Chalkboards & IKEA Hemma Hack

Hi guys! So I know you so many people have been peaking around my totally cute Farm House Desk and a few have been asking questions about my giant chalkboards!  Honestly, these things were a huge on a whim for me. Most things are to be honest, that's how I get the things done! 

Wanna see how I built these giant chalkboards?

So after I had built that totally cute farmhouse desk I had remembered some Ikea Hemma lights.  I bought them months ago for something I thought I was going to do, and I never ended up doing it... nothing new I tell ya.

So I hit up a local little craft store up here and bought some wire pendant shades I had been eyeing. I got it all hung up and thought, cute.  Now what am I going to do about those giant cords traipsing down my walls?  Originally I had thought to make a giant cork board buuut I talked myself outta that when I had seen a few chalk board ideas on pintrest. It wasn't util I hit up my local home improvement store that I decided to make two.  I found the perfect 2'x4' chalk boards, already cut and ready to go.  I decided then and there I was going to do two.

We already know this is not a tutorial...

But here's what I did anyway.

Being on a whim and 6 at night by the time I started building these things I was really just trying to bust them out.  I threw these two chalk boards together in no time at all. I pre-stained my wood and cut out two frames with mitered edges.  I placed these frames directly on the chalkboards.  Glue and stapled in from the bottom.

Once I did the mitered front frames I needed to do another frame around the whole thing. I used the same 1x2 furring strips for both frames. Only on the outside frame I flipped it, and when you mount it flush with the front frame it gives a nice little lip in the back. This will come in handy when we hang these over the light cords.

At this point I had every intention of doing the outside frame with a mitered corners as well. Alas, the mother of all mother giant af splinters, decided to lodge into the cuticle area all the way to my first knuckle.  Seriously, this ish makes my butt pucker just thinking about it. I cried and carried on and locked myself in the bathroom, so no one would touch me.  I finally came out and had the hubby did that puppy out... it, was, torture.  I'm telling ya. 

I'm better now though and regret getting lazy after my ordeal and not mitering the outside corners too. Oh well.  It is what it is!

Once our glue was dry I just took a large drill bit and drilled into our little lip of the outside frame. Just to give my cord somewhere to go.  I did this on the top and bottom of both frames.

See? Perfect little cord spot!

Here they are coming all together!

This room is closer than ever to being done!  The window seats are coming next week!  Ekk I am so super stoked to show you those!

Until then,

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  1. it all looks lovely and homely. it is nice to see that you have made it like a place where one would head to rest. that is what a home really is


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