Faux Ship-lap Wall on the Cheap

So we all know how crazy the farmhouse trend is! I mean who isn't obsessed with the farmhouse style? I live in a track home and often wish for nothing more than 100 year old farm house siting on a beautiful plot of land... maybe some day, right?  A girl can dream can't she?

In the mean time, I love to pretend this little builder grade house is a little old farmhouse that oozes character.  What's a girl to do? Add a little ship-lap of course! I know our home isn't a forever home and often worry about resale and adding to many personal touches but I do it anyway. Why? I look at it this way, if someone comes in and falls in love with my kitchen then they probably will fall in love with the rest of my home as well. If not, well at least I love it while it's mine! Someone else will love it too.

Everything we do to this house has to fit into a tiny budget.  It's a work as we go kinda deal. No big renovation budgets here, so I'm always looking for diy on the cheap!  I'm sure you've seen tons and tons of faux ship-lap tutorials out there, and mine is probably about the same.

Super simple and totally cheap!  I bought sheets of underlayment. Basically super thin plywood. I believe it was less than 1/4 inch thick. At 12 bucks for a 8'x4' sheet the price can't be beat!  A few runs through the table saw and boom! Done! There I was with a bunch of 6 inch strips just begging to go up! The only prep I did to the wall was take a stud finder and mark the walls so knew just where to shoot my nails.  I did use a little glue on the back of each strip as well.  With the help of a level and a few pennies for spacers I had the planks up in no time!

Once I had my planks up and my base boards back in place, I went to town giving it a bright white coat of paint! In all honesty I could have probably pre-painted it and saved the headache but, eh.  I'm to impatient for all that! She sure looks good though right?!

Yep, there is a lip flop under there. Haha!! My life in a nut shell, looking like I got my crap together. All the while I'm a train wreck under the table :) It is what it is folks!  Do you have some faux ship-lap tips? I'm thinking I might extend this little area across the entry way... maybe.  We all know how that goes with me though!

Until then friends!

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