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Hey hey hey guys, I am so stinkin' excited to finally be able to share what exactly has been going down in the "big room" aka office, game room, family room, f.r.o.g. (family room over the garage) j/s that room!  You get it, I know, but it's a big room! 

To be honest this room all started... again, after I just couldn't stand the old desk I had built.  It was to high and I couldn't sit perched on top of a hard metal stool and write about anything other than my ass hurting.  Feel me? I know you do, especially those fit moms thinking of that spin class last week... Anyway were getting way off track here.  I just needed a more comfortable place for the office shenanigans. So here we are a few weeks later and I'm chillin' in a little farmhouse bundle of joy...
Too much?! 

Cute though, am I right?

This is no tutorial. I am totally a wing it kinda girl :)

I'll show you how I did it, in case your like me and like to wing these things too!  I had a filing cabinet I wanted to use.  I actually wanted to find another one, which I did (the exact one pre white paint) but was way to lazy to drive an hour round trip to get a 30 dollar filing cabinet. I intended to make things way more complicated for myself. Like always...

Ii already had a hollow core door that I used previously on the tall desk so I knew I wanted to reuse that for my top.  Since I was to lazy to find another filing cabinet I turned to my garage to see what I could find.  I actually had an old display that I used for last years Christmas bazaar, that was basically laminate flooring planks nailed to a frame. I cut those down and kinda built out the front so it had some stabilization... totally winging it at this point. You can see in the picture I just basically built two sides and attached a long piece of plywood with pocket holes and screws. For more stabilazation?! So here's where we get to the yada yada part, and tada look what I did... because quite honestly I didn't know if this would all turn out. Or if I even had a chance.

Once everything was standing up, it was time for the top

A few L brackets from the top to our little makeshift frame keeps everything all nice and together! Perhaps a few more trim pieces will help keep it all together!

So after a few days I did in fact go back and add some small front trim supportish kinda things for the front of the desk.  Not only does it just kinda hold it all together it looks so much better across the front elevation of the desk.  Kinda makes it look a bit more polished and like an actual piece of furniture instead of a makeshift desk!  All it took was 2 small trim pieces attached with pocket screws to the sides of the desk and the filing cabinet in the middle!

 These 4'x2' giant chalkboards are coming your way soon!

Here it is coming together nicely

See the difference the front trim adds!  Can't wait to show you how I built those giant chalk boards for less than 20 bucks a piece!

Until then,
xoxo Michelle


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