The Kitchen Breakdown

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So let's be honest.  This post is a long time in the making.  In fact this kitchen has been at this point for quite a while.  I've been really contemplating a phase three.  In fact in my original timeline phase three should have been done a long while ago.  Alas, life gets in the way.  Sometimes I don't want to do shit, and I've decided that's okay too.  However I'm pulling myself outta that "I don't wanna do shit" phase and getting myself back into the swing of things.  So I'm starting here in the kitchen. We spent less than $2000 for the kitchen including appliances.  Seriously.  Wanna know how?  

The whole project started HERE as you might remember.  This is a generous before if I'm being honest.  The walls were previously a dark dark red.  One of the first things I did when I moved in was rid this house of the clown colors.

This is where we are now!

We did all of this including appliances for under 2000 bucks people!  How?  Lets break it down shall we!


The range is a gas 5 burner range. $415 purchased from Home Depot.
The microwave is also Whirlpool purchased from Home Depot $198.
The dishwasher we got is similar to this $349 purchased from home Depot.

counter tops and back splash:

Our Granite tiles were purchased from Wayfair with a coupon we recieved when changing our mailing address. The cost of the tiles with plenty to spare was $300.
The Subway tiles are a mix of tiles from Home Depot and the Habitat for Humanity Restore (did you know they sell subway tile for $.05.  That's  5 cents people! Total cost less than $100.
Grout and Mortar $50.
Grinding pads  $42.


This sink total cost $220. Purchased from Lowes.
This faucet purchased from Amazon for $60.
 Sink strainer $30,  Garbage disposal flange $22, air gap $9 all purchased from Amazon.
Misc. Plumbing parts $20.


Paint and supplies $50.
Cabinet hardware pulls knobs $60. Purchased from Amazon.

Grand Total $1925! Not bad.

The island is still a work in progress. I can't wait to share that when I get myself around to it!
Until then, xoxo

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