The new Boys room

Good morning peeps! Last week I finally got both the boys rooms picked up and organized and finished! Yes, I said finished. Okay, well finished, for now anyway. As you know nothing is EVER finished around here.  I think that's why I have such a hard time blogging about our projects, they never get completely finished.  I'm working on getting that one changed! You know how that goes though!

So as I told you here, we've been prepping the littles room to accommodate his big brother while we have guests.  Now if you know me at all you know I am in no way going to buy a new bed and just stick it into a room he already had.  I mean who does that?!  I know, I know I have issues. Any chance to redecorate I'm all on that train! So I did, and I totally love it.  He's still kinda little but, lets face it.  He's  a big kid now,  and I wanted that to reflect in his room.

I happened to find the sheets and soft blanket on sale at Target and I couldn't be happier with them.  The black and white is super cute.  Except those cute little cat pillows, I screen printed the rest of them myself! It was my first time screen printing and I must say it was easier than I had anticipated!  I'm kinda smitten with how awesome they turned out!  Needless to say I will be experimenting again!

Do you love the little light for the top bunk? IKEA yet again.  It was only like 10 bucks and it's perfect for a little reading lamp. It saves him a trip down the ladder if nothing else!

So here is his cute little room in all it's glory! I'm totally smitten over the triangle wall. It was a labor of love that's for sure!!  Join me next week and we'll talk about that screen printing! Maybe even give away a few cut files eh? Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss it!  
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