IKEA Bunk Beds

Good evening friends, if you follow me on Instagram then you know I've been working on the little boys room for what seems like forever!

We decided he needed bunk beds because we don't have a designated "guest room."  So when company comes into town one of the big kids always seem to land on the couch. I've been meaning to change all that!  If you know me you know that I can't just throw up a set of bunk beds and call it a day.

What's a girl to do? 

 Duh, I redo the entire room!

 It's funny because you know those little Facebook messages that pop up with "memories" yea, a year ago today I was redoing his room...  I have just a few issues. You know. It's how I roll.
If your searching for an inexpensive option that you don't have to feel bad about painting straight out of the box then this might work for you! I was super leery about purchasing this bed, in fact I sat there in the big blue and yellow store contemplating buying this bad boy for what seemed like forever.

In truth I had been scouring the thrift stores to find a decent bed to paint, with no luck I turned to IKEA. I think I payed right around 150 bucks for this thing.  The thrift store were selling ugly metal ones for almost that price so I decided to go for it.

It comes in a raw pine. Perfect for painting or staining.  I went with the grey stain, primarily because I did not want to paint this bad boy.  Staining is so much easier! There are bookoo boards to be painting in that box! Once I had all the pieces stained it was time to assemble that bad boy! It was quite simple to put together in fact I did most of it with just a pair of  helpful 7 year old hands!

In truth I like it, I think it can't be beat for the price. Easily customized and honest it seems quite sturdy!  The bedding I'm loving, I purchased it all at Target.  They have the cutest kids bedding! The pillows I did with a little DIY screen printing!  You can read all about that here!  While your at it grab a free SVG cut file to the adventure pillows!  The complete reveal is here!

Happy Friday Friends!

Until next time,



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