Do more of what makes you happy!

I've finally decided on what my new year resolution shall be. I know, I'm a little late getting to the party but hey, that's how I roll. The thing is, I'm tired. Like all the time tired. Stressing on this and that. Deadlines and failed attempts to get one foot in front of the other. I'm an all or nothing kinda girl which in turns leaves half finished (maybe I should say half  started) projects laying about.  So I've decided I'm just going to do more of what makes me happy.  Sure making a little money makes me happy but if the trade off is everything falling apart around me then where's the fun in that?

My home makes me happy. My intentions when we bought this house was to share the adventure of decorating and painting and all the good stuff. I've been so consumed with everything else around me that I've got lost on what is truly important to me. I will continue to do local sales and slowly add work to my online shops. However I'm not going to let it consume me. For now I'm still kinda in hobby mode. In the near future I will have  partner (two is so much better than one) and then we'll start letting things fly!

She is pretty though isn't she?

So here's the thing. I'm going to focus on quality, this quantity thing is killing me! Slow and steady wins the race! I've got a few things I've been wanting to do.  I'm going to continue to create things for my online stores, and my local customers as well! However I am not going to stay in my lane. I am most happy when I'm creating new things! So I may dabble in a bit of fun little things here and there. One can only hope, eventually I will master at least one of them!

As I type this there is still an array of new 'boy's room" decor and paint trays that surround me.  However I'll get to that eventually.  Right now I'm doing a bit more of what makes me happy... Laundry. hmph. I guess we're all happy when we've got clean underwear!

Any way here's to the new year and ding more of what makes you happy!

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