Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Here we are folks, just another diy blogger or maybe struggling diyer is a bit more fitting (if we're being honest) about to go on some long rant. A rant about how I painted my kitchen cabinets and it was sooo super easy and you should totally do it too, like tomorrow.

However, I'm going to be real with you. It sucked. Plain and simple it sucked. I dreaded it for weeks... okay months. I put it off and put it off. Until one day I decided to take the plunge. I plunged so hard my arm almost fell off from sanding. Okay so not literally, but c'mon I think it was the single worst step in the whole process! That's the thing though it's a process.

So I'll be honest with you, not gonna sugar coat anything or try to sell you on some amazing product to short cut the process. The thing is, if you want your cabinets to turn out good you need one thing. Patience. By definition  the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Sure you need stuff like paint and primer and tape however patience is a must if you want beautiful results that will last. 

It took me over 2 weeks to paint my cabinets, and I worked on them every day. Sanding, priming painting translated to screaming, crying sleeping.  Day after day!  It was rough going but looking back now soooo worth it!  

Full disclaimer.  This is NOT a tutorial.  In all honesty, I can barely teach myself to do something let alone try and explain my crazy self.  So we will just go along with my little picture book and briefly explain the madness, m'kay? 

Clearly the most glorious before. Dark, yellow, U-G-L-Y you ugly!

So I removed all the cabinet doors and numbered everything! Tip: use a marker to number where the hinge will go and cover it in painters tape ;)

I sanded these bad boys for what felt like forever!! My absolute least favorite part!!

Then the priming. I did 2 coats light sand in between. I ended up with 2 coats of paint as well.  Sanding lightly between every coat! I hate sanding!! 2 coats of water based poly to finish them off.  I used water based because I didn't want them yellowing after weeks of hard work!

Tip: I used dixie cups to hold the cabinet doors up off the ground while they dried!  Thank you Pinterest for that one!!

Here they are all hung back up! Simple right. Wrong.  I read so many post about how easy it is to paint cabinets.  Some people like you to believe it can be done in a weekend. Here's my truth.

The Good:

They look a million times better!
White is classic, timeless.
It has brightened the kitchen up.
Saved massive amounts of money on new cabinets.
Anyone can do it! 

The Bad:

Time consuming. Like weeks, if you do it right.  Waiting in between coats of paint and primer takes time!
It's messy.  Every single step is messy.
It's hard work! You will be asking yourself over and over, why why why...

The Ugly Truth:

The ugly truth is you can do it, it can be done.  Don't let someone talk you into doing it, thinking it can be done in just a weekend if you want it to last. Time and patience is really what you need to tackle a project of this size!  Good luck!

Soon I'll be sharing the hardware we chose and some tips and tricks to installing them!

Until then, 
xoxo Michelle

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