Fays house update part 2

So yesterday I shared a few snaps of what has been going on downstairs. I'll admit downstairs had been put on the back burner for a bit. Some paint and some decor is about as far as we have gotten down there.

Upstairs is a whole other story. I've been swinging hard trying to knock some things off my to do list. I can honestly say upstairs is coming together nicely. From the kids rooms to the laundry room I have made big strides up here.

I've got the big room set up as a family room/office/gym. It works. And the desk I built from a 5 dollar cabinet turned out to be a winner. I plan on posting all about that next week!

Although I started with the laundry room. I'm not quite finished with the details and trim work, however we have removed the one large wire shelf and replaced it with cabinets and 3 chunky shelves. Also, in here I layed a vinyl tile and built a built in hanging and shelving area.

In all honesty I really want to have this done soon so I can share the final reveal with all of you. However, that hidden cabinet to the right needs a lot of work still! These 12x24 vinyl tiles are vinyl sticky tiles! I did this entire floor myself in under one day. Including the grout! More on this to come!

We've got the big and littles room painted, and all 3 are starting to come along nicely.

Miss Fay also has a window seat thingy outside her room. I decided to let her turn it into a little homework area. She snagged the desk that had been in the office area before I built the new one, and with in an hour she had totally transformed the space.

So as you can see things are slowly coming together. One tiny thing at a time.

Stay tuned, lots of these projects and more in detail coming soon!!

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