Our new home

Hello, welcome back.

I know, I know.  I took a long break, even after I said I never would. Moving over 1700 miles in the smack middle of the holidays was STRESSful to say the very least.  We were homeless for just under a month and let me tell you it was challenging.  3 kids and a dog in a tiny little hotel room, not fun to say the least.  The dog freaked every time we left the room, resulting in a not so nice call from the hotel.  We had a rough time being cooped up, even had some people banging on the ceiling below us.  If there is one thing this family is not, it's quiet.  However after a long stretch of what felt like forever we were finally given the keys to our new home!!  Actually we were given a code to the lock box, which is a whole other story. We moved all of our stuff in just 15 days before Christmas.

I have been busting my booty to get this place ready for all the changes were about to make.  The biggest hurdle was to get this place painted.  The previous owners had painted a wide array of dark colors that were in no way shape or form going to stick around!  Painting is hard work.  It may look easy but it truly is back breaking work when every single room needs to be repainted before you can even hang one photo, let alone start remodeling anything.   I am happy to say I am almost done!! 2 bathrooms and the laundry room is all that's left. Along of course of an entire house of trim work and touch ups!

Today I'm just going to give you a few before shots.  Eventually I'll get the afters done and ready to be put up.  Most of these are from my original viewing of the house.

This is the "big" room. It's the bonus room or family room on the second level.  These photos are all of the previous owners things.

This is the kids bathroom.

A few shots of the kids bedrooms.  Remember these are all the owners things, a true before.

The downstairs kitchen/living room.

Last but not least, the master bedroom/bathroom. Or the lightless cave what ever one works for you.

There it is. Our new home.  It's starting to look a lot different.  I will continue to update you on all the little things we have already done and big things we are planning to do!  Stay tuned this is gonna be a crazy ride!!


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