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Good morning friends, here we are half way through the week. Let me tell you it's a busy one. Tons going on over here in this little house. We finally got an update on our move but I scared to accept it because I know as soon as I do it will change. So I'm going to stay off that subject for a while. Kids are getting back on a normal sleep schedule and things are moving right along.

We have two back to school nights this week, I know the girl can hardly wait to get that hot little schedule in her hands. I remember those days, frantically waiting to see if you have any friends in any of your classes.

I also remember digging out the old brown paper bags from the kitchen cabinets, to cover all those text books. I loved those brown bag book covers. By the end of the year they were ratty tatty doodled and torn. Ahh memories.  

So I got to thinking about my hoard or should I say collection of Target dollar spot wrapping paper. I have a slight obsession with the dollar spot. I buy wrapping paper and note books like the trees were gone and I'd never see another paper source. It's a sickness I tell ya. 

What do we need for this fabulous super cute DIY?

Wrapping paper (the brown paper is awesome)

That's it. Told you, super simple. 

You want to cut a piece of the paper with a generous amount around the entire book while its laying flat and opened. Two inches should be enough for a larger book.

Fold the top and bottom lengths to the height of the book. Tip: fold the bottom first and then line the book up with the bottom fold. Then you can see exactly where the top fold should be. 

Then it's on to the sides. 

Center the book on the folded paper and fold one side up over the back book cover. While the book is closed wrap the paper over the front of the book. You will fold the paper over the edge of the front cover. Once you have the fold, make sure and crease them super good.  You can see by the photo below why you want to fold the ends while the book is closed. If you fold them while the book is opened it will be to tight to close.

Now just slide the books front and rear cover into the little pockets you created with the folds. Boom. Done. 

You can do this on any book. Big books small books. Any book.

That's it. Super simple, and of course it protects all those text books, so you don't end up paying for a damaged book at the end of the year.  No one wants that!

I gotta run for now.
Until next time,

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