Simple Sweet 16

Oh hey, it's you! I'm so glad your here. Truthfully, I'm so glad I'm here. It's been one heck of a week I tell ya.' Three first days of school. Yes, three separate first days of school. Tons of orientations, meet and greets, and appointments. Oh and a sweet 16. All within 5 days of each other!

Not to mention we finally have word of where and when this crazy life of ours is taking us next! Want a hint? You should totally follow me on Pinterest and you will be able to guess! I'm so super stoked about this move. It's going to be by far the most extremely different move we have yet to make. I'm thing it's gonna be an awesome adventure. Stressful. Yet awesome!

This week my oldest turned 16. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. Time goes by so super fast, it's scary in just a few short years she will be gone off on her own...

I always envisioned her birthday as some MTV worthy Super Sweet Sixteen, with limos and hotels the works. However, it just wasn't in the cards this year. She didn't want to make it a big deal, didn't even want a party. We went out to dinner with the family and her best friend and that was enough for her.

I however wasn't going to let her come home from school to nothing. I spent the two days before her birthday working on a few special touches for her special day.

Don't hate on that funky cake. It was made with love... and a lot of curse words, not even gonna lie. I used to love making cakes. Now I hate it. I no longer have the patience for it at all. I informed her from now on she'd be receiving a store bought cake. Period.

I totally took some old funky mats, painted them black and used a gold sharpies around the edges to make some super cute mats. The photos are from Hobby Lobby I bought a pack of 10 super cute prints for 8 bucks! Love them!

I was super pleased by her reaction. She loved everything. I couldn't let her go through her sweet 16 with out at least a little something!

Next week I'm starting a complete house organizational challenge. Now that we know in less than 3 months we will be on our way to a new huge adventure, it's time to get things under control around here.

Fell free to follow along so you don't miss out on tips and printables I will be scouring the internet for!

Until then,

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