Kitchen Cabinet Clean Up

Good morning friends, here it is Wednesday! Half way through the first full week of school and less than 14 weeks till this little family of mine travels over 1700 miles to our new home! I know 14 weeks sounds like a long time, however I have been in this situation before and trust me it is going to fly by!  The hubby has to leave for 7 weeks of that for school. This in turn puts me as one super busy mom of 3! Ridin' solo I always say!

It's true, we have it somewhat easy when it comes to moving our belongings. He calls schedules the movers and a crew comes in and packs everything up, loads it on a truck and delivers it to our final destination... I just said final. It won't be final for at least 10 more years. You get it though, right?

Before said movers come in, I like to have everything organized and ready to go! I take pictures down, start making piles of things that need to be packed together, make list and more lists, oh and Purge. I always say if it wasn't for the military moving us every 3 years I'd be a full on hoarder! So now is the time! 

I recently have seen so many blog post where people are using baskets in the pantry's,  in the fridge everywhere! What a great idea. I keep wondering why didn't I think of that? I also bought a few pot lid racks that I talked about here that were supposed to help me get my cabinets under control. However this is what it was like up until a few days ago. 

Truth. The embarrassing truth. My cabinets really, really honestly looked like this. Those lid racks are doing an amazing job right?

After fighting the avalanche every time I needed something I decided it was time. So I took everything out of my lowers, everything. I grouped things together and started to figure out what would work. I took things out and moved things around for an hour. 

My cabinets that housed the pots and pans is right next to the stove, but putting them in straight on was a struggle. Adding the baskets to house the pots and pans vertically was an awesome idea! Glad I thought of that...pssh. 

My baking area was the original catch all. The biggest cabinet meant shoving this in there that definitely did not fit.  Now the lid ricks hold everything nice and neat and a small basket for all the odd shaped pans, and what nots.

Finally we have the appliance cabinet. It hold all my small appliance I use on a daily basis. As well as the the lids to the pots and pans. Everything is super accessible now and I don't have to worry about things falling out when I open the doors. Win!

 This is just the beginning. I have started the purge, some things did't make it back into the cabinets. Those things went to the mountain of yard sale stuff in the garage. That's another story in itself.

Until then,

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