Favorite Things: DIY Wood Flag

It's Friday loves! That's right, we all get to sleep in tomorrow! We have one final weekend as a family before the whirlwind starts. Hubby is off to school next week, and after that time to move!! Can you tell I'm excited? You know those double exclamation points gave me away! Opps there it is again.

I decided to share one of my all time favorite projects with you today. Not really a tutorial as I made this bad boy quite a while ago. One of my all time favorites none the less. Being a California transplant I had to make this after seeing others similar to this.

This rustic looking California Flag is painted on plywood! Yes, I said plywood people. Sure it looks like it's planked but it's all a facade. I totally used a dremel and my t-square to notch out the faux planks.

The bear was a total homemade stencil that I printed out from paint (the computer program). I love using paint because you can print things "actual" size. I'm sure you can do that on most programs but it's super easy in paint, and most PCs come with it so yes, winning! Of course printing it actual size you get quite a few pages you have to piece together like a puzzle. Totally worth it when your printing out a two foot bear.  The letters and star are totally stencils. You all know how much I love my stencils! I first stained the wood. Then used paint for everything else. The bear is just wood stain which I love!

Here's just a little close up of the groves, So not perfect but I was going for a totally rustic looked so it worked.

The frame? The frame is .97 cent furring strips. You know the cheapo wood strips at home depot. 6 feet for less than a buck. Yep, those bad boys!

I seriously love this thing. I've had my brother in law on my butt for the longest time to make him one... maybe one day!

Until then,

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