Hello friends, today I'm back at the PCS planning. No, I have no new news. Still have no clue where it is we will be calling home. Still sitting here with the hubby who has yet to report to school. Still wondering if he will be getting yet another email pushing back his school date. Still... waiting. Hurry up and wait. It's the motto I've come to loath over the last 10 1/2 years. However it's what we do, so I'll suck it up and fill the waiting time with some more planning.

In my last PCS post HERE, I gave you a few printable checklists to use on your next move.  If your anything like me you write everything down. I know there are some who rely solely on their technology, email, smart phones ect. I do as well, however there have been times when technology has failed me. A lost charger in one of the many hotel stops can cause your whole digital world to crash down around you. Having a printed hotel reservation in a trusty little binder is a must for me.

The PCS Binder

All seasoned military wives have heard this term. Most I know have one, or have had one at sometime. In my opinion it's an absolute must have during any military move. We keep everything in this binder. I mean everything. From birth certificates to many copies of orders to receipts and reservations. I have considered a new location binder but decided against it, you can fit everything you need into one big binder. Having everything in one spot, is a sure way to help with the PCS Sanity.


I have compiled a group of must have sections for our binder. Sections that are surely to keep you orginised and and stress free, okay so maybe not stress free. However your paper work will be the least of your worries.

*FAMILY DOCUMENTS -This is where you will keep everything from birth certificates to shot records. With in this category each family member (including the dog) has their own sections. I use baseball card protectors for smaller items like social security cards and shot records. We also have a section for vehicles (registrations, titles extra insurance cards)

*ARMY DOCUMENTS- This is where I keep everything related to the military aspect of our move. Such as Orders (lots of copies of orders) All of our moving documents (inventory sheets ect) Anything and everything that is an Army document goes here.

*CURRENT DUTY STATION- This is where I keep every last item related to our current home. Such as our lease agreement, move in inspection and all utilities connected to this house. When cable and internet equipment is turned in this is where the the receipts go.

*NEXT DUTY STATION- Here is where all my research on our new area will go. Everything from house hunting to cable providers to shopping malls ;)

*MEDICAL & DENTAL-Of course the days of hand carrying or medical records is long gone. I haven't seen a medical folder for my self or my children in many years. Digital world I suppose. I keep all essential items here. Current physical forms, doctor and dentist contact information, and copies of current prescriptions.

*SCHOOLS- School research in new area will go here. School withdraw forms, as well as new school registration packets.

*CHECKLIST- As we have established, I  have a need for pen to paper organization. This is where I will keep all of my checklist from the moving checklist (snag them here) to my household cleaning checklists (soon to share). And all of the in between.

*FINANCES- I may catch some flak for this one but I keep copies of my current credit card statements, and all internet accounts and passwords here. i know my daily passwords by heart but I would hate to try and log on to pay a final bill and have no clue what the password is so this is a vital part of my book.

*TRAVEL- Last but not least, is my travel section. I strategically place this in the back so it's easy to access. All of our travel reservations go here. I have a pouch for receipts as well as page protectors for hotel receipts.

There it is, in a short version. The PCS Binder. In the coming weeks I will be updating each and every section. I will be making free updated printables along the way. Fell free to follow along so you don't miss a post!
Until then, much love friends.

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