PCS Sanity: Checklist

So here it is the beginning of pcs season for many. I honestly thought we would be avoiding the peak season, however duty calls, as they say.

pcs printables

Those dreaded or sometimes glorious words "I'm on orders" can mean a many number of things. This time as blindsided as I may be, I have come to grips with the newest bomb shell. This next assignment will take us perhaps far from any post or  military facility at all for that matter.

Where?  Hell I don't even know. I may not know until a few weeks prior to the report date.

What's a girl to do?

Prepare. Prepare as much as I can not knowing the destination.

Purge. Purge anything and everything that we no longer need use or want.

Paint. Paint all these damn walls I decided to paint in our current Army housing.

Plan. Plan our move.

I will be turning to my old checklist that I made the last PCS. I will be working on our PCS binder and updating all I can without knowing our final destination. After all I know when we are moving just not the where part yet. 

So after digging out the checklist I made last time and tweaking it a bit I've got a pretty decent start. Oh, and I've decided to share it with you and who ever you'd like to share it with. So nice of me, right?

You can snag them here.

Pre-move checklist

Post-move checklist

Until next time loves!


  1. Love it, super helpful prior to our move! It's helped de-stress me for sure. Thanks girl! :)

  2. Hi Michelle! When I try to print the checklist, the watermark on the page blanks out the other words. Any ideas? Thanks!


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