Friday, July 31, 2015

Who exactly is Fay?

I must admit, his post is long over due.

So, I bet your wondering exactly who is Fay? 

Now this is a trick question, I assure you, there is more than one answer to this question. The "original" Fay would be this lovely young lady. She was born in Oklahoma and grew up on a homestead during the great depression. There is much to be said about this lady, however I have no clue how many of the stories were actually true. Was my grandma really a spy during the Vietnam War?  We may never truly know. I do however keep this photo of her very close.

The Fay I knew was an artist, antique dealer, collector and an all around eclectic soul. I was young when she passed but she was a very important person to me growing up. She was my grandmother on my fathers side. I spent many afternoons with her, that sometime turned into nights. Nights that I was stared down by her mannequin who shared her bed room. Remember eclectic. Her house was crammed with books and furniture. Art supplies were never scarce. I loved spending time with her as a child.

I lost her at a young age but found her again in my daughters eyes. This,  my friends brings me too answer number 2. Miss Fay as I like to call her. Is the oldest of my 3 children.  She her self is an artist a lover of books and a truly old soul. She is a lot like her great grandma. I knew this from the moment I laid eyes on her. She serves her namesake proudly.

I bet your still wondering, Why Fays House?

I'm so glad you asked. A while back I was looking through my dads old things and came across an old spiral notebook. This book had belonged to my grandma Fay. Looking through it I found everything from grocery lists to business plans. She had list of crossed off name for her new store she was opening. Guess what I found... you already know. Fay's House. When I saw this I knew.

This was not the name she ended up picking. Her store was called The Pink Butterfly. I like Fays House way better if I do say so myself. There you have it folks. All about my reasoning behind the name of this little blog.
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