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26 Words: HOPE

Good afternoon friends or friend, what ever. I am so seriously overwhelmed lately. It's funny because seriously I do nothing. Okay I do a little but, when you have an impending life change hovering over you it's intimidating to say the least. We have been on a roller coaster of emotions since we got word in April of big changes coming.  We were prepared for this adventure to start early in June. Well here it is the end of June and were in total limbo.

A school date pushed back once then twice, teetering on 3 times. Whats a girl to do?  I should have known by now where this little family will be moving to next. However, I still waiting waiting waiting. That's the thing about being at the Armys disposal, we wait till were told not to wait anymore. It's frustrating to say the least. Hey it's a pay check so no one is complaining, I mean no one is really complaining.

Through this whole process all I can do is hope.  Hope things go smoothly. Hope the kids will transition well into this civilian world. Hope to get some where worth going. Hope the hubby excels in this new and unfamiliar job. Hope that we as a family come out stronger on the other side. My hopes tend to fade into dreams.

Often I wonder what others hope for. Are they hoping for the things we hope for? Are my hopes just pointless wishes? They are if we don't work for them.  I strive to turn hopes and dreams into reality. However, hoping for things that are out of my control is just that a simple day dream, a wish.  What's wrong with that? Nothing. Day dreams fill my mind of all the good that is to come with the new journey. If it wasn't for hope, all I would have is worry. I would much rather have hope. Wouldn't you?

Until next time loves!

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