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26 words: family


The utmost important thing in my life. My reason. My everything. 

I will have to be honest. Family sometimes disappoints you. Sometimes they let you down, and sometimes they do leave you behind. It happens. When it does you have to let go, or it will eat at you.

I however have no intentions of being this person. My family is my life. We are in this crazy world together. Our extended family is important to us don't get me wrong. My parents are so supportive of us, but in reality It's just us 5. Every thing we do we do as a team. Moving all our this country place to place, the one constant in this crazy world is our little family. 

I read somewhere that military families make up less than 1 percent of the American population. When you look at it like that there really isn't many people who know, who really know what it is families like mine endure. 

This family of mine is pretty much my world. We stick together no matter what this crazy world we as the less than one percent endure. We are a team. With out them I'd be nothing.

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