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26 Words: EXPLORE

Good morning.  It's Wednesday! You know what that means.  No I'm not going to walk around the zoo screaming "hump day."  It means this week is half way over! We have almost made it through the dreaded first week of daylight savings time.

I myself have been sitting here sore sore sore. While the Cat's away the mice will play no squat.  I decided to take the next 30 days and finally get on that new years goal.  I know I know it's March. It's never to late... never.  I must keep reminding myself that.

On to my word of the day.  Yep it's like frekin Sesame Street up in here.


Boom!  I must admit this is an aspiration.  I am a creature of habit.  I drag my feet when it comes to trying new things.  This includes finding new places. Now if I could explore those woods I totally would.  However, there's just not that much to explore where we currently are.  Or is there?

Yep this is an aspiration.  To explore new areas and find new things I'm intrested in.  To take a long walk and get lost in the woods.  Okay maybe not lost lost but you know what I mean. 

I agree you don't even need to leave your house to explore new things. New projects, new hobbies, new aspirations. This is a new goal to explore more of what life has to offer before I'm too old.

Note to self:  Don't be afraid to try new things.  Take a leap when it comes to new adventures.  It could be fun!

Until next time!

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