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I'm just going to start this one out with a little: If I'm being honest. So here it goes.

IF I"M BEING HONEST:  I am the least content person.  Always ready to go, ready to move on to bigger and better things.  First one to push for a move. First one with my bags packed. Always sitting here, waiting for the next place. Hell, I've been doing it for the past 10 years.  

IF I'M BEING REALLY HONEST: I never find exactly what I'm looking for, and never ever will.

I realize that now.

They say every place is what you make of it. I agree, so it really does not matter where we live right? As long as we are all under the same roof.  I would love to be content.  It wouldn't take much.  Right?

Plant some roots.  Albeit, temporary roots.  Get the oldest through high school and see from there. Living in another "it's temporary housing, just 3 years" situation, only makes this feel temporary.

The moving trucks constantly blocking my driveway don't help the situation any either.

Contentment by definition: A state of happiness and satisfaction.  

I am all of the above.  Most days.  

What I'm saying is where we live does not define us.  I would love for Miss Fay not to have to switch high schools her Junior year.  I'd love to have a home here, well let me just clarify. I'd love to have our own home anywhere.  Whew, better. 

I'm starting to realize that nothing is ever going to be perfect.  Nothing ever will ever be perfect.  Get it? I do.  So this year I will strive to find contentment where ever we end up.  It may be here, it maybe there.  Where ever it is, I strive to be content.  Happy healthy family, together.

Being content, I imagine is a truly amazing thing.  Never to want more or expect more.

This is one I will work at every single day.  I will have to.

Note to self: Being content does not mean you have everything you could possibly imagine.  I means you are simply happy with what you do have, and where you are. Remember that.

Until next time.

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