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To be honest I've hit a rut, a long drawn out pain in my ass rut.  You know the kind where your ass melts into the cushion of the couch. Where you start to become one with the squishy foam that is molding to your body.  The "Oooohhh I found a show on Netflix with 28 seasons, I'm about to watch them all back to back" rut. Yea that's me.  The Netflix chick.  I have a million other things to be doing... but I'm slacking.

Big time.

We all have words to define us. Words we live by.  I however am willing to take a long hard look at myself and strive to redefine myself.

THINK I'M UP FOR IT?  Me neither. However, it is a commitment.  Even if it is a commitment only to myself.  So with out further ado. Letter A.

Accountability, ladies and gentle men.  I got to thinking, every person in this house has to be accountable for one thing or another.  We often don't take accountability very serious, the "I didn't do it, it wasn't me's" We as a family need to be willing to take on the responsibility and the outcomes of our own actions. 


I am essentially the one with the least amount of accountability.  Not because I have nothing to do nor anything to be responsible for. Quite the opposite in fact. While, the hubby has to be accountable at work, and the kids at school, I'm pretty much accountable for my self here at home.

So most days.. I wing it, not really taking everything into consideration.  The first word, of the first 26 is there for a reason.  Every excuse that we come up with is triggered by an action that we are not being accountable for.  

IF WERE BEING HONEST, I suck at accountability.

I've devised numerous "plans" and printable's to keep myself organized while I try to stay on track and get into a routine.  I keep falling down every step of the way.  Hopefully I'm standing up for the last time.  My newest plan may work. It may not. I'll fill you in later.

I have decided to finally get out of this rut!  I will claw my way up out of the sea of foam that encases my ass.  I have made a schedule, I have made reminders.  I will take responsibility, when no one has the right pair of clean underwear. Or I clearly lost someones shoe, while I was moving their homework around.  Because I will be so damn organized they will always have the right pair of clean underwear. They will have no choice but to be accountable for their belongings and we will all live happily ever after.

Okay, maybe I'm getting carried away.

In fact the above statement is a pipe dream.

All I know is that it's time to be accountable for things.  The entire family.  Time to get rid of chaos and on a solid schedule once and for all. Making every one accountable for their own things, all the time.

Is accountability something you and yours are lacking in? How do you suggest making younger kids more accountable for their actions?

Perhaps we shall fix our selves and the kids will follow suit.

My note to self:  I remind you, to take accountability.  Follow through on our endeavors.  No more excuses. Our decisions affect our hopes and dreams and the hopes and dreams of the family.  Do something our future self will thank us for.

Until next time!

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