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26 words: BALANCE

This week I actually set out to look for another word.  A word that just so happened to start with B.  After a quick glance around I saw it.

There it is, Balance is yet another thing we are lacking.  I live in a world where the family dynamic is consistently changing.  No rhyme, no reason, just changing.  Some years stable, one home 5 members (under the same roof).  Some years not so much. 9 months gone 3 months home 2 1/2 months gone 1 month home... the list is endless as our time here seems.

Finding balance can be incredibly hard for someone like myself.  I am an all or nothing kinda girl. Getting wrapped up in a blog or project seems to be my forte.  Ignoring the rest of my obligations, cause I'm too busy with everything else.

So many of "us wives" try to work new schedules during our separations.  "Stay busy" people say "make new friends, get a job and while your at it volunteer at least 10 hours a week." 

You know I have 3 kids right?

Three kids at 3 different stages in life.  One parent, one car, one in high school, one in middle school and a  preschool age.  3 kids with 3 different schedules.  When you can, throw in a husband who is gone more often than not, just to mix things up a bit.

It's funny I post a picture on Facebook and get crazy sympathetic comments.  My military wives know what it's like but the "others" have no clue.

The civilians in my life ask the questions like How do you do it?

Annoyed Face.

Civilian...It's weird to say right.  Technically I'm a civilian, not contracted to my country.  I'm merely I wife who's husband happens to be the contracted one.  However I don't want their sympathy.  It merely brings me down.  I repeat this will not break me. As I swipe that picture off Facebook stand up and go about my day.  I want all these ins and outs to flow smoothly and balance out.

Creating a schedule that revolves around everyone in this home will make for more family dinners. (permitting all are under the same roof in that particular month)

Creating a balance between the things we need to do and the things we want to do has become a blurry line to say the least.

Mission: To balance the ever changing family dynamic by creating a flowing schedule that is free from interruptions. Adjustable to any given situation. To have good times while we are under the same roof.

Note to self:  Take advantage of the time we have together. Balance the good and the bad, the fun times and the down right crappy times. Find a balance between hard work and some damn good times.  We deserve it!

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