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Schofield Barracks Post Review

Post to be reviewed: Schofield Barracks
When did you live there:  Sept. 2005- July 2008
Location of post: Oahu Hawaii
Closest Major City: Honolulu

Tell us about
housing: On Post: When we lived there we lived in some pretty run down housing, that has since been torn down. The newer homes that were built are very nice. I didn't get to live in those however I did venture inside them :)

housing: Off Post: I wouldn't know, sine we never lived off post. However many people choose to live in Mililani. I do not recommend living in Wahiawa, I just don't...

Rate the Commissary and Exchange: The PX was nice with a big food court, however I highly recommend the Navy Exchange in Honolulu. The commissary was a commissary. Be thankful for it, since the prices off post are outrageous, You will save money shopping at the commissary!

Hospital & Clinics: Iffy to say the least. There are clinics on post however, to be seen at the "hospital" requires a long drive, a long drive. To Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu. Be prepared to leave at least an hour before your appointment perhaps longer depending on traffic. Again iffy.

School System: When we lived there Miss Fay was very young, she went to Solomon Elementary on post and I had no problems. However I have heard the Junior High and High school were not so great. The school days were short, and every week they had a half day. Probably not the most desirable school system.

Things to do in the area: On post they always had free events and concerts, by far the best of any place we have lived since. The pool on post was awesome as well. As far as Hawaii I mean come on can we say tons of touristy things to do.

Positive things about this duty station: Beautiful weather and scenery year round. The friendship you make while living over seas become more of a family dynamic.

Negative: Expensive. You get island fever bad, and even more expensive if you want to leave for a week. This is a place you either love or hate. There is really not an in between. I was on the hate side after a year.

Would you choose to go back? Having said that ^^^^^ I would go back IF my only other choice was Fort Sill or Riley lol


  1. Army life is not easy! My uncle is in army and its difficult for his family to move from place to place. But yeah they have many benefits on post!

  2. Yeah... Exactly true... There is hell of difference in the life of on house commisionary job and off house. It is the same with the facilities too.


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