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Happy 2015

Hello and welcome to Fay's house. My name is Michelle and I am so glad you're here.   If your wondering just who I am really, you can read all about me here.

My family and I spent a quiet evening at home this New Years Eve.  We had some excellent little meatball sliders.  On some super delicious homemade slider buns.  We had a few Mario Kart tournaments, and watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Celebration on t.v.

Gone are the days of my wild New Years Eve parties.  I must say that waking up on New Years Day with out a hangover is fantastic.  I get started on those "goals' one day sooner!.

 This clearly being my first post, not only of the new year but of the new blog, let me say again welcome. If you know me, you know I have dabbled in blogs before. On again, off again, fresh start. So yep, here it is, fresh start.

I recently purchased for another wild haired idea. I know I know, time to finish something I start. I wasn't going to let this name go to waste.  It means to much to me.  If your interested in the name, and where it came from you can read all about that here

In the past my blogs consumed me. Huge projects, ignoring everyday details to the point where I have to choose one or the other.  Clearly my everyday details take presidence over blogging every day of the week.  However there is something about having a blog that I love.  So here I am.  Fresh start. 

I suppose this time around I'm going with a lifestyle blog.  I'll share those everyday details, smaller projects, and my fantastic kitchen endeavors (clearly sarcastic).  I'm planning on doing a lot of organizing, budgeting, and saving this year.  Hopefully by my one year blogaversary, we will be well on our way to buying a house (in a new duty station).

I hope you stick around while I build this blog from the ground up.  It's sure to be an interesting ride.

Happy New Year.  Here's to 2015!

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