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Fort Sill Post Review

Post to be reviewed: Fort Sill

Years you lived there: 2008-2010

Location of post: Oklahoma

Closest Major City: OKC one hour north. Wichita Falls, TX 45 mins south

Tell Us About

Housing: On Post: People say it's great, lucky you. However our house on post sucked. The kitchen was a tiny hall with a laundry room crammed into it. Sucky house all together. There are however tons of new houses that were built since we left so fingers crossed for you.

Housing: Off Post: We did actually live off post when we first moved there. We rented a house on the east side in a quiet neighborhood. I would have lived there the whole time we were stationed there but we popped out baby number 3 and were in desperate need of a 4 bedroom. That and our sewer exploded into our master bedroom... For those with high school kids I would recommend living off post on the east side.

Rate the Commissary and Exchange: The commissary was a good size from what I can recall. The PX? I honestly am not a big PX shopper, they start to run together after a while. So I'm gonna say the same as most?? Sounds about right.

School System: Off post school was okay. I loved my sons kindergarten teacher. On post not so much. I wasn't a fan of the school, or the teachers.

Things to do in the area:............................................

Positive things about this duty station:Every post is what you make of it. I must have not been trying to hard.

Negative: Ghetto town, ghetto people.

Hospital & Clinics: I always had a good experience with the hospital on post. I gave birth to my youngest there, and I have no complaints. I loved his pediatrician, she was there from the time he was born till me moved away. I would have taken her with me if I could.

Would you choose to go back? Not in a million years!!

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