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New Year, New Goals

Hello love, here we are almost a whole week into the new year.  I have finally decided to sit down and put everything I am feeling about the new year down on paper.  Or screen... you know what I mean.

I have spent the last 10 years as a stay at home mom.  The big kids go off to school everyday and the little and I stay home.  He really should be in pre-school, however living on one military income puts us over income standards for the free programs.  Yet, to put him in a 5 day a week program would be more expensive than our one car payment.  Therefore he's home with me.

This is the year that the little man will start kindergarten.  This is also the year my 10 year vacation ends.  Big changes are coming this year for the entire family.  I can't wait to see what this new year brings.  On to the list shall we?

Number 0ne

So my number one goal this year, is to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  My lack of higher education may just very well put me as a greeter in Wal-Mart.  Or maybe I will go back to school.  35 years old and trying to figure out something I was supposed to so very long ago is frustrating.  I suppose I can't be a stay at home mom forever.

Number 2

Buy a house.  I really don't have much control over this.  This one is up to the Army.  We refuse to buy a house here, so new duty station would be a nice option.  Buying a house is something we have wanted to do for so very long.  Being military can be tough when it comes to this. Most people buy a house with their future in mind, my number one priority will be resale value.  No point in buying a forever house in the Army.

Number 3

... loose weight, eat right blah blah blah.  Hey it's gotta be on that list somewhere.

Number 4  

Save money!!  Pay off debt!  I have already implemented a new budget for our home. Were only 6 days in but it seems to be working out.  I'm sure we will be smoothing out the kinks as we go.  I took a long hard look at our finances and on paper we should be doing great. In reality we are living pay check to pay check.  I want to change that.  So we have decided to cut out all frivolous spending.

Number 5 

Get the blog up and running.  To continuously post and be a part of this blog.  I would like to grow this blog beyond any of my previous blogs.  My plan is to stick with this one for the long haul!!

As always I am striving to be a better person in general.  To become a better wife and mother trumps anything else I have said before.

Many blessing this year and every year!

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